Join Jipangu's Team

To be part of Jipangu, you need to be an individual who loves Japan, and run a blog or a YouTube channel related to it. Most of the creators on Jipangu are typically also living in Japan.

The Rules

Your content needs to be:

Sounds like you? Please contact us by clicking here.

How it works

First, you need to contact the team in order to become part of the team. You can already register as an user, then let us now your email or nickname. Then if you are accepted, you will have the rights to add your content. In that case, a pencil will appear at the top right of your screen; it will take you to the admin.

That's it. Once you are used to it, the process is very fast. As soon as your post has a title, description, image and URL, it will appear on the public map.